Full time traveling is boring

We finished working in a mango farm just before Easter and as we knew it would be impossible to find a job during the holidays, we ended up having a 5-day-long vacation. It was fairly sudden thus not planned at all and we ended up just staying in the area.

On the first day we were figuring out some logistics and sending job applications so we’d be hired soon after Easter Monday. Second day we had breakfast in a nice restaurant, washed some clothes in a laundromat and called our families. 

On third day… I was bored, so incredibly bored. 

I had done everything essential, read all my books and written a blog. I had scrolled all the social media feeds I possibly could. The gym I have a membership to was closed during the holidays. And as I have no hobbies or friends in the area, I was just sitting next to the van staring at the river. 

“Jesus, this is boring” I thought. 

Salt lake in Australia

Full time traveling is boring. Just like regular everyday life sometimes is. And as much as in regular everyday life, when boredom hits you – you do everything to run away from it. 

Boredom is the ultimate enemy of our time and we do everything to get rid of it. 

Walking around anywhere these days you’ll see at least every other person scrolling on their phones. On a bus stop, park bench and coffee shops. While driving a car and while crossing the road. Most of the time we spend on our devices, we don’t even have anything to do. We’re doing nothing more important than killing time and disguising boredom. And the worst thing is that we’re actually not truly entertained, nor bored enough for creativity to kick in. 

Morning view from a camper van

As I was daydreaming in the camping chair I went back to my childhood summers when I would tell my mother that I had nothing to do. She’d tell me to just go outside and find something. And I would. I would roam around singing and climbing trees; I would always end up finding something fun to do. 

Boredom is the birthplace of creativity and creation starts from nothing. If we keep pushing all the empty moments away we’re nothing but hamsters on a wheel. 

I didn’t do anything special during the day-offs, I had no sudden burst of creativity or any life changing ideas – but I did feel better going to work: I felt well rested and full of energy and inspiration for the new job we got.

And I found beauty in boredom.


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