Growing apart with your friends

I have just made my first real friend in Australia. We met over a dinner and I knew right away that there was something there. After three hours of laughing with tears in my eyes, the waitress came to announce that the restaurant was closing. I realized how the time had flown and remembered how good it felt to connect with someone.

We haven’t seen our friends or family for seven months and as we have been travelling all the time, we haven’t had a lot of people entering our lives during it. Of course, there has been other backpackers around us and now some work colleagues too but not like real, genuine friends.

So, I have to admit I was pretty excited to have found someone.

Australia Rock in Narooma

It’s not possible to travel the world and pursue your dream as a nomad and at the same time be close to your family and not grow apart of some of your friends. And it’s not just because of the distance; all relationships change in the stream of time.

We’ve realized that whether we liked it not, everything is changing all the time. It doesn’t matter in the end if we stay or go: what we had will someday all be gone. 

Some people make kids, other don’t. Some dedicate themselves to work and others do just enough to get the bread to the table. People move to different suburbs, cities and countries, pursue different dreams and lifestyles and no matter how you try to keep up with everyone’s lives, you end up losing some. 

You might think you want same things in life but still end up in very different paths. In the end everyone has to make their own choices in life, whether to stay or go.

View from Tomorrow X in Koh Phangan

I’m thankful for the moments I’ve had with certain people and I understand that those moments will never come back no matter what I do. Everything beautiful fades and no time comes back. 

Some friends are lost even if they live next door and others stay till the end no matter the time or space between.


  1. Pekka Avatar

    To add to your relevant thoughts, no one’s life is linear either. Fokus areas and priorities of individuals typically change during life time. This is due to aging and every one’s own experiences good and not so good, in life.

    Also, world is, after all, a small place. Sometimes lost contacts and relationships re-emerge and grow back due to changing situations or by coincidence.


    PS Excellent photo


    1. Juulia Avatar

      Thanks for the insightful comment! Totally agreed, what goes around comes around.


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