The Impermanence of Things

I have always thought of myself as a Jack of all trades, master of none. I enjoy a lot of stuff but I’m not particularly good in anything. Not many things I do will ever lead anywhere. A conversation about people getting discovered got me thinking: would I keep writing if no-one read it?

And it’s not just about art, it’s about everything in life. What if the things I do are leading me nowhere? Is it worth it to be in a long relationship if we break up in the end?

Kiama Rock Pool

Social media is feeding us these narratives that one starts something as a hobby and it becomes a million making dream job or that one doesn’t know how to draw and they practice for weeks and suddenly they’re da Vinci’s long-lost grand kid. And that if the person you’re with isn’t going to die lying next to you – they’re not the one.

But what if you just keep drawing and you’re not really getting any better and nobody cares about your art? Could you just keep doing it for the rest of your life solely for the reason that you enjoy it?

I feel that people don’t want to do anything that’s not going somewhere, that’s not going to become a huge success, an accomplishment of a life time or if it won’t last forever. If you do things just because you’re expecting something to happen, someone to discover you, you’ll end up in misery.


The odds are against us.

85% of relationships end in breakup. The rest get married and 50% of them divorce. So, it’s more probable that a relationship won’t last a lifetime. Should we just break up now?

Maybe we won’t die holding each other’s hands but we can go to sleep every night doing so. No future can take away the fact that we’re happy now and living this time together is all worth it.

What are the odds of getting noticed as an artist? Maybe just a bit better than winning a lottery, so why bother?

Maybe someday someone will see the passion in me. But that’s not the reason I write. I don’t write to get noticed, I write because I need to.


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