The guilt of a nomad

I’m not being very useful, am I? I don’t work and when I do, it’s for a short while in a foreign country. I’m not bringing anything to this society, to the country that has offered me education or to my parents who have offered me a life. 

Oh, but it’s fine, I’m only 25, I’m supposed to be travelling around and finding myself…

Sunset at Koh Kood

My older colleague told me before I left, that it’s good to travel while you’re young cause later you’ll have all these responsibilities and you won’t have time for such things. He then took a more serious look and continued: “But you have to find your place in the society, you can’t wander around forever.”

I have been thinking about that. What if I kept doing this? What if I’m going to stay as a nomad, never find a career path, make kids or find my place in the society? Can you live with no responsibilities in the modern world? 

Feet in sand

I’m not totally guilt-free after leaving everything behind. Even though my family and friends supported this life choice, I sometimes feel that I have abandoned it all and that I’m selfish for leaving. That somehow, I wouldn’t have the right to go out to the world to find the reasons I’m on this planet. Like my purpose was to exist for someone else’s entertainment. And in a way it has been.

Think about it, why are you here? Really, what’s the reason you were brought here? 

Your parents wanted it. Someone, who was probably young and looking for something to do, a reason to live or just wanted to have some fun – decided about you. You didn’t choose to come, someone just wanted to have a baby.

Also, you can’t be here forever. You’re going to die and most probably, no one is going to ask your opinion about that either.

Now it doesn’t matter if you’re happy about it, if you’re thankful to be alive, you’re here now. And I think the least you could ask for, is the right to choose how you spend your time here.


  1. Atul Jadhav Avatar
    Atul Jadhav

    keep traveling it’s inspiration for us


    1. Juulia Avatar

      Glad to hear!


  2. Pekka Avatar

    Very good blog once again. I’m reaĺly glad and proud you are “here”! Dad


    1. Juulia Avatar

      Thanks dad ❤️


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