Move abroad and travel the world

People say that we’re living the dream. That moving abroad and travelling around the world is what they want to do, what generally everyone would like to do. But why don’t they do it? You’re not getting any younger, so you should be doing what you want with your life. If you don’t do it now, when will you? Many say it’s not the right time or they don’t have the courage.

We didn’t just end up in this situation. It was a life choice and it wasn’t an easy one. It was certainly not a perfect time to do it, but we figured that any better moment might never come.

Evening view at Ha Long Bay

To be honest, after two years of corona, I was yearning for change. We had been living in Helsinki for 2,5 years and I had almost completed my studies.

We had three options: buying an apartment or a campervan to live in or moving abroad and travelling. They were all something that we had been thinking about and something we considered very seriously. We went to see few apartments around Helsinki and discussed with one campervan seller. We didn’t really know what we wanted, but we knew something had to change.

In March 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine and suddenly there was a war in Europe. It shook us to the core. It was simply too close to us and it felt like we hadn’t recovered from the previous crisis when a new one hit. And we knew it would affect our lives drastically if we stayed in Finland. So, two days after the war started, we made the decision, dropped everything else and applied for Australian Working Holiday Visas.

We couldn’t get everything we wanted, so we had to choose. And in the moment, it felt that the world had already made the decision for us.

A crossroads in Ha Giang Loop

Leaving everything behind and embarking on a long-term travel was the biggest decisions of our lives and for now, it has been the best one too. Of course, it might not be for everyone and it’s not always easy to remember that one’s not holding the keys to anyone else’s happiness but their own. 

But if you think this is the life you want, then you have to go and get it. If your everyday life choices aren’t taking you towards the things you want, you’ll never get them.


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