First Christmas without a home

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Christmas, but I love how it brings the whole family around the same table and we get to eat well and relax together. My parents have had an all-day Christmas Day schedule since my childhood: There are all sorts of traditions and activities we do as a family and then there’s the hustle of celebration of 7 people and 3 dogs.

But this year was our first Christmas without a home.

We had a food poisoning just a few days before Christmas, so we ended up skipping Christmas Evening dinner. On Christmas Day we called both of our parents and texted some friends. We went to sauna and ice bath – which have both been our traditions for past few years. But as we didn’t have a kitchen, we couldn’t make any traditional foods and ended up eating pizza by the beach. It’s not like we didn’t celebrate at all, but it didn’t feel like Christmas.

It did make me a bit home sick. As I saw my family having breakfast together and going for a walk in the snowy forest, I did feel like missing on something. Like I would have also wanted to be in the Winter Wonderland, where all of us had always been and where everything would stay the same forever.

I had this feeling of not being part of anything and being rootless, roaming around without a place to go back to. Not that we couldn’t go back at all, but we could not go back home. Because the home we had is not there anymore and the life we had isn’t waiting for us to come back.

But now Christmas is over and the nostalgia it brought up is gone.

I remember why nomad life is exactly what I want. I know we want to travel the world and that moving abroad was the best decision we have made. And I realize we don’t need to celebrate Christmas like this ever again if we don’t want to. We have just started to build the life we want to live.

It’s not always easy to take the new path, but it will pay off. 


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