3 months

We have been travelling for three months now. How does it feel?

Exactly twelve weeks ago we had finally sold our belongings, given away the key of our apartment and packed our backpacks with everything we owned. We embarked from Helsinki Airport, as our parents held back tears and told us to look after each other.

Now we’re in Thailand. We have been here for two months, with a month in Vietnam in between. 

It has been hard to draw the line between vacation and real life. I mean, this is all we got, we’re not going back to our lives after our trip ends. There’s no trip, there’s no end. At the same time, we’re not currently working, so it’s not a life situation we could keep up with forever. Is it a holiday or not?

We have been waking up early, hitting the gym and having a somewhat tight budget. But can you have a dessert every day? How many beers a week is appropriate? 

We have been spending a lot of time just between the two of us, not really meeting any friends or new people. But we have had some alone time and we have been sitting together on a porch both doing our own stuff.

This period in our life has many features from our old lives, our everyday lives, meanwhile it’s in a holiday-like ambience. It’s not always easy to decide what it is and we’re not always on the same page about it. It’s certainly not the same thing to be a tourist and a traveler. And it’s not the same thing to be travelling and to be a nomad. 

I don’t think we really knew what this was going to be like and we still need to figure out what we want our lives to look like. 

We still have a month to go in Thailand, after which we’ll head to Australia with a plan of starting a new life there. A new life in a country we have never visited, with no concrete plans about the area we’d like to live in, type of jobs we’d like to have or life we’d like to lead. With everything open and with no home to return to.

  1. Tuula Avatar

    Take care. Love you.

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  2. Michael Avatar


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  3. Miloš Jeřábek Avatar
    Miloš Jeřábek

    Good luck! This, even though scary, sounds awesome and amazing to go through!

    I wish you luck, strength and power to move whenever your hearth is calling you


  4. Pekka Avatar

    Keep enjoying your exciting adventure!


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