• Your job ≠ Your purpose 

    The idea of work as something meaningful – as a purpose – is relatively new. Never before has it been this huge part of one’s identity.

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  • The Impermanence of Things

    The Impermanence of Things

    People don’t want to do anything that’s not going to become a huge success, an accomplishment of a life time or if it won’t last forever. If you do things just because you’re expecting something to happen, you’ll end up in misery.

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  • Work-life balance

    Work-life balance

    Work and life, separated to their own entities? What does that even mean? A balance between being a slave and being alive? 

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  • The guilt of a nomad

    The guilt of a nomad

    I’m not being very useful, am I? I don’t work and when I do, it’s for a short while in a foreign country. I’m not bringing anything to this society, to the country that has offered me education or to my parents who have offered me a life.

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  • Move abroad and travel the world

    People say that we’re living the dream. That moving abroad and travelling around the world is what they want to do. But why don’t they do it?

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  • First Christmas without a home

    I had this feeling of not being part of anything and being rootless, roaming around without a place to go back to.

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  • Slow Travel

    Slow Travel

    Time moves differently when travelling. It feels like in just four months, we have lived a thousand lives.

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  • Travel or save money?

    Travel or save money?

    I think most of us value ourselves a lot through money, even if we don’t think about it. I know I do. It matters how much I make money, it affects the way I live. 

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  • Life as a backpacker

    Life as a backpacker

    What do you pack for a long-term, possibly a life-long trip? We’re carrying almost everything we own in our backpacks.

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  • 3 months

    3 months

    We have been travelling for three months now. How does it feel?

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